Trump administration walks back Obama wiretapping claim


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Of course Obama didn’t tapp trump’s wires.
He was too busy watching the camera in his microwave!


No, no. His words don’t mean what you think they mean. “Wires” means “mind” and “tapping” means “reading.” And he obviously didn’t mean Obama when he said “Obama.” He was referring to reptilian alien who has been wearing the Obama skinsuit for the last 8 years! Come on people. You don’t understand all the best words he has!


I’m just waiting for some reporter to ask the question we all are thinking:

“Is President Trump really stupid enough to think -insert quote- means -insert second quote-?”


“Don’t believe the literal meaning of my actual words, believe the meaning I arbitrarily assign to those words a week later.”


Wire tap dancing


Has he started deleting the tweets yet?


“Now that the media is sufficiently distracted from Russia for a while, I don’t care about making wild accusations as much. If you want me to perform an encore, you’ll have to talk more about how Jeff Sessions should resign. Ball’s in your court, Media.”


He can’t do that anymore- Presidential Records Act.


He’s been doing it … and has been asked to stop. The M’fr can’t help himself.


Anyone want to bet on whether El Mango Supremo tweets to contradict Sphincter?


Jesus guys, you might as well own the crazy at this point. If you start backtracking on small stuff like this people might start to question everything.



Goddamit! What a stupid, soft, weak, mealy-mouthed motherfucker. I thought I would be mad because he’s so stupid, or so evil, but instead I’m just hung up on the fact that he’s such a pussy. He’s got nothing going for him. Stupid - check. Completely self serving - check. Super fucking weak - check. At least someone like Pence or Cruz has the decency to be an ideologically consistent asshole. Trump - he’s just a limp dick. There is literally nothing to respect about him.


More time? More walk backs.


I imagine Steve Bannon and Roger Stone trying to make a Golem-Nixon out of a pile of pure bullshit.


I’ve resigned myself to the fact that, for the next four years, White House press briefings will be a continual version of the joke whose punchline is "who are you gonna believe, me or your lyin’ eyes?


Lock him up?