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Tabloids telling stories based on something other than facts?

I am shocked. SHOCKED!

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The Enquirer has certainly become one of Il Duce’s primary drum-thumpers. I recently saw a headline crowing that several democrats who “threatened to leave the country”: are now “begging” The Orange One’s forgiveness. I’m not informed enough to know what The Enquirer gets out of being a shill for Trump. I suppose it’s simply the hope of getting and keeping lots of money. That’s the basic Trump Plan. Perhaps they’re angling for looser libel laws?

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Forgive me for asking so late in the game – I never paid much attention to this series when it first got going – but what is the point of this weekly round-up?

I understand that parsing through tabloid Hell is part of Peter Sheridan’s day job. I’m sure there’s someone out there who pays just enough attention to the tabloids that they want to know, but not actually waste time reading them, and for them this is surely a service. But how many of those people are here?

it’s not a link to relevant journalism. It’s not focused enough to be a critique of bad journalism. It’s not particularly amusing. It’s just the Reader’s Digest condensed tabloids, which means it’s distilled irrelevance.

Is it supposed to be a voice for the silent majority of humans who rarely note and never believe this nonsense? It just doesn’t seem to fit with anything else at BoingBoing. Am I missing something?


Also, sub-glacial shapeshifting killer octopodes with independent strangling arms:

Would you say that you’re disappointed in BloidBloid?

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