Another fact-challenged week in the latest tabloids


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I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

No, that’s what the writers at the tabloids are for.


I made it through the first 2 paragraphs and had to stop. This tabloid crap (note, I’m not blasting the author here, just the subject of his writing) is so vapid and utterly mindless that it makes my head hurt.

Of course, I say the same thing about most of the US newspapers and other media news, too.


Aliens (not the Trump kind), Bigfoot, or GTFO, tabloids!


RIP, Weekly World News


I’ve pretty much given up on the “serious media” let alone the tabloids… I’ll stick to memes on social media for my confirmation bias.


I just get that here. At least there are a few sticklers for accuracy.


I follow politics, it’s pretty much the same thing.


“When PotUS took his latest Bill to the Senate, YOU’LL NEVER BELEIVE WHAT HAPPENED NEXT!!! It is the one simple trick the TTP DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT!!!”


Don’t you wish it was only one weird trick?


I mean, there is only one tabloid that was ever worth reading, right? And now it’s all up at Google Books.


“Redneck vampire attacks trailer park!”

Thanks, great times, even just the covers! :stuck_out_tongue:


“Fat cat owns 23 old ladies”


BTW, there is a cat here in the neighborhood that I’m sure thinks he owns at least half a dozen households.



Well, they had the one story about John Edwards, but they never had batboy. I mean batboy > Edwards, yeah?


Sadly, it’s not actually complete. I hope these important historical documents will eventually be recovered.


The tabloids might be “fact-challenged” (best euphemism ever), but just as annoying are those other glossy celebrity magazines you see at the supermarket checkout, which probably get their facts straight but are just as pointlessly vampiristic. I always want to buy one just so I can go home and scan it and photoshop “Who Cares?!” and “This Guy is Famous, So What” and “This Has No Importance In Your Life” in place of all the headlines.


I read these mags at the nail shop and it’s just bizarre. They’re like, “OMG! Some chick on TV who is famous for being a chick on TV lost her baby weight!” and then there are ten product promotions on the page “She carries her bundle of joy in this fancy stroller only available through exclusive dealers!” “She wears this trendy scarf while hugging her adorable little moppet!” “This handbag!” “Her hubbie gave her this diamond bracelet push gift!” and on and on and on…it is the most thinly disguised marketing.



Man, were you there the night Gordon Ramsay Sex Dwarf opened for Eaten by Badger?