America’s plague of real-life vampires, and more hard-hitting tabloid news this week


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I thought this was another post about the Republican debate!


Same amount of made up stuff.


The snark losses some of its bite when the Outbrain links scroll into view.


Onwards and downwards indeed. But aren’t the readers of these comics exactly the people the Republican soundbites are aimed at?

My theory: Putin has somehow manipulated Trump and Carson into running, to make him just look so much better by comparison.


“cocaine gang overlord”

Oh brother…


Hey, the tabloids told me AIDS killed all the vampires years ago!


can’t be, Republicans don’t live in real-life.


haha, i’ve quoted that scene for years. i’m so happy someone else uses it!


It’s another fact-free fest…

Facts? Facts? You can’t handle the facts!

(Anybody got a .jpg of Nicholson handy?)


Maybe a gif instead?


Better yet - thanks!


Hey, can you link me up with some primo nose candy, Mr Sinatra?


Does ANYONE? take the tabloids seriously? They are basically known for dumb gossip, rumors, and sensationalism. How is this even a thing to be outraged about. I learned to ignore them by the time I was 8. It’s just white noise… or at best, a form of entertainment. Like Mad Magazine. Weekly world news of course used to take it to the extreme and straight up talk about elvis’s ghost hanging out with aliens and bigfoot. That was my favorite kind of tabloid.


beat it, kid. your candy is down the street at walgreen’s.


Seriously, I don’t get why this is a recurring article on BoingBoing. No offense to the author, but pointing out lies in tabloids is too easy. I mean, yeah that’s what tabloids do. It’s like pointing out that SNL makes jokes. Meanwhile we have news outlets that claim to be telling the truth telling actual lies and misdirection that causes real harm in society… I mean… I guess it’s “funny”?



That’s the good stuff!


[quote=“boingboing, post:1, topic:69104”]It’s another fact-free fest in this week’s soaring supermarket tabloids and scintillating celebrity magazines.[/quote]But things will be different next week, right?


well, they do post funny stuff from SNL too, so there’s that : )