Why tabloid reporters are like Donald Trump

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Tabloid reporters are very much like America’s Commander in Chief: They don’t need to get bogged down with research or trouble themselves with accurate information, because they simply know stuff. They have what the president, a self-confessed “stable genius," calls “a natural ability.”


That’s not because tabloids are inexperienced liars (snort) who don’t realize that specific numbers would be more believable.

But they know which side their bread is buttered on. Their readers might enjoy judging a celeb for weighing 300lbs, but 316lbs would sound too real, and could make them think about their own, larger numbers.

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Stars do not take out their trash, actors do. Stars have people for that.

I’m sorry but to me these breathless retellings of the tabloids’ stories are driven by the same urge as the originals. This article is just a tabloid for those that hate tabloids.


like polishing windows… etcetera


Tabloids are still a thing?

<----checks out at local CVS to pick up Rx

Jesus! People still buy those? I guess that’s one way to solve the TP shortage. Painfully.

Bingo. The media sells what we will buy.

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At least they could put some work into it.

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It is bugging me to no end that also “serious” publications reported on these silly allegations about the origin of SARS-CoV-2. There is enough to criticise on the handling of the outbreak by the Chinese authorities, and I expected better from many news outlets that reported on such totally unsubstantiated rumors.

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