Jeffrey Epstein’s prison confession, the world’s most dangerous woman, and the end of the world, in this week’s dubious tabloids

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The tabloids are suffering a liquidity problem, in more ways than one.

I am genuinely confused- exactly what is the purpose of these tabloid articles that constantly come up?

Are we promoting them or believing in them? It seems like we’re berating them here but in the end very shallowly, as you’re doing the same thing that makes them money in the first place, which is just bringing attention to all the over-the-top hyperbolic bullshit written in them.

If the idea is to somehow use tabloid content even in berating them to get advertiser dollars, considering how many ads made this site almost completely unnavigable physically in a normal browser, so much so that I’m betting anyone who actually makes it here to read this has Brave installed because that’s the only way you can even do anything on this site anymore, I’m guessing it’s not working.

Tabloid is the lowest form of Journalism and it’s not even journalism it’s farcical entertainment for gullible idiots.

Maybe I have misunderstood, but it seems like a clever use of all of that to drive ad traffic, with the small condemnation at the end supposedly hiding that fact.

So the ridiculous quantity of boing boing store adverts aren’t doing it?

Why don’t you guys get rid of all this crap take on a patreon model and we contribute directly so that this site doesn’t devolve any further from what it started as.
I’d pitch in. I’m tired of this crap masquerading as journalism, which we used to have a lot more of instead of offers for instagram influencer classes and kitchen utensils


Actual webcam footage of me dodging screenshrink mobile ads and heat-seeking CBD grifters just to reply to RandomDude


By all means, boingboing should only publish what you’d prefer to read! What TF are they thinking?!?
Get a grip, millennial…

Apparently we found the one person that not only enjoys reading tabloids, but wants to defend their existence apparently.

So do please explain why it’s so important to you to read completely fabricated stories masquerading as news to get ad clicks on a site known for and championing good factful journalism for years? To devolve to the very crap they’ve lambasted as bullsh*t for decades?

The quality of both what counts as an article as well as the quality of the commentary here has really gone downhill in the last couple years.

People like you who can’t form even a rebuttal arguement are proof.

The fact that I was willing to read something I didn’t like and actually thoughtfully comment on it as I try to means that I hopefully add value to this place. Mind telling me what you think you’re adding?

I neither read tabloids nor defend their existence; however, I do respect Boing Boing’s right to give a synopsis of their most ridiculous “articles” - for a genuine LAUGH. Duh…it’s a fluff piece and if it’s not to your liking, then move on and take your pseudo-refined 'tude with you. Some of us enjoy a chuckle now and then, especially in times of strife and covidiotness.

If you do, indeed, read Boing Boing regularly, then you should realize what a mixed bag it is re content. So, given your admitted confusion as to “exactly what is the purpose of these tabloid articles that constantly come up?”, why you would even bother reading the piece is questionable. Was it so you could display how monumentally butthurt you can get while pretending to be more principled than others? Or did you merely forget to take your Ritalin today? (Rhetorical Qs.)

P.S. People like me know how to spell the word argument, and use punctuation correctly.

Yeah- youre called grammar nazis.

I really don’t care, do you?

Boing boing specifically railed against shit like this for over a decade- thats why i bothered to write anything at all.

I get that people need entertainment, in that frame it would make sense in current situation, except there have been other things for that here traditionally- specifically because shit like tabloids were, as I said, anathema to this place.

I’ve been reading boing boing almost daily since around 2004. Yes, actually true. Since BBS started, had maybe 2 other names I retired over the years, decided to keep this one since I like it.

Honestly, stuff like this doesn’t infuriate me man, it was more of a principled stand indeed still in anger, after nearly 15 years of Cory, Mark, and Xeni all writing a world here daily that was against common garbage like this. When you trust people that long to in part influence your worldview, what the hell are you supposed to think when it all inverts? When the site becomes a common tabloid rag, full of shitty adverts, clickbait, and few wonderful things?

Its mainly become lately everything it railed against for more than a decade, the “a directory of wonderful things” title became “a directly of mostly wonderful things”, and now it’s dropped all of that altogether.

If you have actually been reading as long as I have, you know this too. Did you know?

I don’t know why with hundreds of choices out there I chose this place, but maybe it was because of what I believed mostly aligning with the culture here. I’ve seen some truly outstanding journalism from Boing Boing over the years, shit they should have won awards for.

I read, and sometimes still I see the quality of thought of the editors, and its there- but it’s like its being subjugated and perverted because shit like this must pay the bills better than what they’ve claimed to be about since the beginning.

I’m not the keeper of the site, or some grand person, I’m just one of many people here with an exceptionally interesting life, that gravitated to like minds of weirdos like me, happy mutants. But every day that passes I get sadder (mostly trump), but because this place now reads more like a skymall catalogue crossed with the Daily Sun tabloid than like a cool hotspot for counterculture folks with interesting articles on things youd never find on your own.

If you dont see any of that, youre just one of thousands of nameless snarky self righteous commentators Ive seen post once or twice here to tell someone off, and id never see you post again.

I do care about this place, and what it has become. But again, im just some random weird dude, hence my username.

Fuck it man, I don’t have time to care about people who can’t see this shit anymore, maybe you just missed what I was feeling.

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