Why Donald Trump is the tabloid president

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At the risk of sending a few curiosity clicks to an utterly garbage external outlet, is this the same Peter Sheridan who is the L.A. correspondent for the notoriously conservative, regressive, sexist, homophobic, and outright garbage London tabloid Daily Mail? If so, that seems like a really awkward and shitty cross-pollenation with BB. These tabloid posts were bad enough already.

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I fear for Peter Sheridan’s mental well-being.

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If you want to experience existential sadness, have a short chat with the (already being replaced by a robot) cashier at WalMart. Clearly that is where she gets her “news”. Guessing the break room always has a copy (to read in 5-10 minute snippets).

EDIT - I shop there less and less - haven’t gone cold turkey, but it’s just a matter of time.

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Also, I want a hat like that.

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There you go. Enjoy!

EDIT: Spinal Tap fan? (I got mine “for free”…)

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