New Clinton sex scandal, and Ghislaine Maxwell’s psych report in this week’s dubious tabloids

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Can we please just stop with the moronic tabloid roundup?

  1. It is not a wonderful thing, in this directory of mostly wonderful things or what used to be.

  2. It amplifies stupidity and moronic behavior.

  3. If we want tabloids we can find them by ourselves, thank you.

  4. It’s not a great way to foster intelligent, constructive discussion.

  5. It doesn’t ever feature enough Happy Mutants ® or cool stuff.

Thank you.


I’m more disgusted by the anti-vax stuff in the banner of that tabloid. They make it look like you get the shot then keel over paralyzed and unable to breathe.

No one in charge seems to care about complaints regarding this “feature”.

BoingBoing can be all self-righteous and preach all day about how fake news is destroying the country, but ha ha this is (somehow) different and super fun.


I was assuming this is a revenue stream, like an ad?

These threads can’t be for clicks, I can’t believe this is a popular feature.

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always been my assumption that Peter Sheridan is paying to play on this feature.

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1000% agreed. Every one of these tabloid posts gets almost exclusively negative comments about how inane and distasteful they are

Pardon my french mixed metaphor, Amplifying these things ‘ironically’ is still f*€king a goat.

And not sure which is worse: the non-responsiveness from the editors, or the tired-ass ‘disappointed?’ comebacks from otherwise normally insightful bbs’ers.


I hadn’t realized Peter Sheridan is actually a tabloid writer. Now it makes sense.

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