It’s summer, so let the tabloid body shaming begin


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They forgot the sale on clown meat.


For everyone that wanted a little clown in their mouths?



Serious question. Someone give me an answer that would make me care.

The tabloid aspect of all this, I mean. Body shaming bad. I get that part.


I still see it as ‘Clown Meat…’

It’s what’s for dinner.


Does it taste funny?

Outta likes. So accept this in part-payment for swiping that pic. :slight_smile:


Tabloids are fundamentally weird. They’re 'zines from an alternate-reality.

But I really enjoy this tabloid round-up for a weekly dose of WTF as I do miss the Weekly World News.


“would you like meet the Dish of the Day?”
“Huh?” said Ford.
“Huh?” said Arthur.
“Huh?” said Trillian.
“That’s cool,” said Zaphod, “we’ll meet the meat.”


I can’t wait for tabloids to start picking on celebrities critical thinking skills…


Barf! Really BARF!


My immaturity isn’t confined to my temper. Sometimes the ‘barely makes a fourteen year old laugh’ joke tickles me funny.


That was one of the things i was hoping would happen with Trump given how Trump made his bread and kept in the news by causing this ‘obama isn’t an american’ bullshit…

But trump has enough money to sue.


With a bit of homework and dedication, I think that most everybody does have enough to sue. But being able to sue is no measure of having a substantial case! Litigation is horrible, but not as bad as being intimidated by litigation.

Plus, it’s not hard to imagine a belligerent Trump being wheeled, still ranting, out of the courtroom on a handtruck.


Let me clarify. Trump has enough money to keep suing under the ‘I have deeper pockets than you do’ school of legality. IE it doesn’t matter if I have a leg to stand on, I can outspend you and tie you up in a thing… and i don’t care about bad press because for me all press is good press. I just want someone to bully nobody will care about.’

And speaking of… I’m surprised that hasn’t happened yet given the targets of these flaff pieces tend to have enough money to summon a low earth ion canon. Granted I’m sure most don’t care because it’s the tabloids. However there’s plenty of people over plenty of years.


Trump seems to get a lot of favourable press from the National Inquirer-- they seem to hate the Clintons with a passion.


I get what you are saying. But unlike, say, Apple or Google, Donald Trump’s product is essentially himself. And even a wealthy party who keeps filing the same suit will soon be dismissed as “nuisance”.

Litigation seems to work much like “terrorism” where the threat of the idea makes too much real thought and risk assessment go out the window. People self-censor and give up based upon imagining a worst-case scenario which isn’t even all that likely. And likewise, if the threat didn’t work, 99% of the problem would cease to be an issue.

I am mostly in love with the irony of tabloid journalism being a vacuum which is mostly free of critical thought in favor of ridiculous spectacle. So if they make the celebrity gossip about their critical thinking, things go weirdly “meta”.


Yeah, have to agree. Who cares?

But, were it not for this post, I’d never had seen a totally amazing picture of clown meat.


Me too, and you’ve really highlighted for me the problem with the current tabloids: they focus on the wrong celebrities.

I don’t really care about what movie stars are spilling out of their bikinis. I want to know if Bat Boy is putting on the pounds or if friends of The World’s Fattest Baby are worried he’s getting dangerously thin.


that tasted …funny…

eta: I should have read the thread before replying.


Currently in the UK we have celebrities picking on the critical thinking skills of tabloid journalists. Will that do?