Catch and Kill: National Enquirer protected Trump from Playboy model’s affair charges, reports WSJ


So we can’t even hope for a Dead Zone style save at this point.


I actually have a point: Trump voters: I get it: the world we inhabit is not what we intendedz: however: that doesn’t mean we burn it all down…rather, we must work together: for your stocks are only as good as the people willing to defend them, no?

Yes, yes.


Yep, that’s exactly that it’s like, in fact you just swapped out the names.

Also, won’t somebody please argue with the troll up above? The poor thing is so lonely.


Gosh. This really shakes up my faith in the National Enquirer.


I can’t access the original article. What I’m curious about is why NI would do it. Can anybody explain?


The owner of the Enquirer is a Trumpkin:




And of course, Trump sells more papers. Do what’s good for the bottom line.


It is about giving the people who want to fool themselves permission to fool themselves.


…and then didn’t even publish the brownie recipe. Apparently in this case she provided no content for the magazine that they published after they made this payment to her. So the claim, absurd on the face of it, is that much less plausible.


I am seeing a live action ‘Archer’ in your animated gif…


There is a certain overlap between Archer and Arrested Development, isn’t there?


They support Trump.


I see the enquirer on the newsstands every week when getting groceries and for the past few months almost every cover has some supposed Clinton “bombshell” story (she’s hugely fat or very sick, are two very popular stories)… I think they are trying to recreate their success with the John Edwards stuff which they managed to get right… Fuckers.


Dick Morris has scores to settle.


What an ass… He also wrote a book about Hillary Clinton years ago, right?


I :heart: nominative determinism.


Right, but he’s such an amazing husband that he was eventually able to forgive her for getting so hideously fat when she was carrying his child, thus driving him into the vagina of another supermodel.



Is there a place this can be viewed sans paywall?