Jeff Bezos’ investigator suspects 'a government agency' intercepted Amazon CEO's text messages


I’m pretty sure what really makes Trump mad is that a) Bezos is a self-made billionaire, inasmuch such creatures can exist, while Trump owes everything to his father; and b) Bezos is so much richer than Trump, whose billionaire status is IMO extremely dubious.


Thanks for reminding me about that, because this was my immediate question too. I mean, I’m sure MI6 absolutely would do something like this, but I couldn’t imagine any reason why they should. But yeah, 5-I sharing. Still not the most likely candidates, but eh.


Those Sanchezes are dirty.


Just what we all wanted, the need for another ongoing investigation into possible wrongdoing (accessory to blackmail and extortion) by the Trump Administration.


Now, you see, Putin would prosecute Bezos for tax evasion. But there’s no IRS if the government is shut down.


It’s fun to speculate. Me, I’m waiting for evidence.


…and your plan is to blackmail this person?

The funny thing is if it had been Trump, not Bezos, blackmail would almost certainly have worked. We already know Cohen would be happy to be a blackmail victim’s bag man. I mean, what’s the difference between blackmail and ‘hush money’? Nothing except that one has an NDA/confidentiality agreement attached.


How does this guy make good business decisions if he couldn’t foresee massive personal embarrassment from this situation?

It’s hard to say for sure because he clearly does. Maybe it’s that running Amazon is mostly about plotting and calculation and that isn’t vulnerable to any emotional weaknesses the guy has?


My guess is that he just temporarily forgot that he had any vulnerabilities at all, having the luxury to do so.


Competence in one area doesn’t necessarily carry over to other areas.

Besides, a lot of these billionaire types think they’re smarter than they actually are. Don’t get me wrong–Bezos is a smart guy and he’s worked hard to get where he is. But if things had gone a little differently in the dot com era Amazon might be nothing more than a fond memory at this point.


I’d look closer to the issue at hand:



It’s got to tear Trump up that after Bezos’s divorce both Bezos and his ex-wife are likely to be richer than he is.



Guilt as charged.


Honestly, I think the tweet from Ryan Huber pointing out that the National Enquirer is hosted on Amazon Web Services is a big fat red herring.

AWS is a huge player in the cloud space. The fact that they host the National Enquirer is a “no duh” from me. They host like 30% of the internet or something absurd like that.


One step closer to validating my personal crazypants pet theory that all this data collection, backdooring, and hidden exploiting is primarily so authority figures can maintain a global chokehold by clandestinely leveraging big data to blackmail anyone, anytime. Profit is just frosting.


On one hand my initial reaction, from years of listening to right wing conspiracy theorists, is to take this with a grain of salt. On the other hand it is known and documented that the Enquirer has worked hand-in-hand with Trump before to his benefit, and Russia hasn’t stopped trying to interfere with internal US politics, so it’s plausible, even probable.


the simplest answer is usually the right one

it’s the brother of the woman he cheated with who is an ardent trump supporter

unless you are into believing casual denials like trump’s “putin was very strong in his denial” (so must be true!)

there is no way a career government employee went along with drilling down on domestic spying like that, that would be insane like a TSA dropout being drunk with groping power (wait I just contradicted myself I guess)


my gawd the country is freaking on fire and everyone is just sitting roasting marshmallows, it’s not funny anymore


Well, there’s at least one bit of evidence I don’t really want to see.


this is not a substitute for taxing the mondo-rich.