Jeff Bezos’ investigator suspects 'a government agency' intercepted Amazon CEO's text messages


Substitute breasts for genitalia and you might be right on!


Come on, Enquirer; everybody has seen Bezos’ dick.


He should be wondering if she was ever actually into him at all or if it was a setup from the get-go.



I suspect that the number of women who do that completely unprompted is miniscule compared to the number of men who do so unprompted… But sure. Both sides…


Again, the number of women who did that when they weren’t asked for them is probably a tiny number. Plenty of men will send you dick pics, whether you want it or not. It happens enough that it’s a meme.


You’d think that sending pics of a stuffed wallet or a hand full of gems might have better results for some. Much less risky.

“You up?”


I mean, yeah, us gold diggers all prefer that, right? /s

Jesus, I think women just don’t want to be sexual harassed on our phones. Is that so tough for some men?


A not unlikely scenario: Some trump-toady who shouldn’t have security clearance but was nonetheless given such went into the NSA’s (hi guys!) vast stores of damn near every electronic communication (which, yes, they do have in one form or other), sucked out all the Bezo’s communications, and transferred it to trump blackmailers AMI/pecker-town. If any of this (insane) sequence can be corroborated this makes Nixon’s plumbers look like really small time criminals. “We’re through the looking-glass here people” –Milhouse.


I know that I’m cynical, but just the fact that she got him to send revealing/ dangerous texts is suspicious to me. While many men are happy to send unsolicited, I’m betting that it takes some encouraging to get someone like him to risk it due to the potential of looking like a creep and potentially hurting the value of your baby/ company. She must have really built some serious trust somehow.

The obvious way to dig gold would have been to break up his marriage and marry him. The 2nd most obvious way would be to get damaging information and sell it.

If the gov wanted to embarrass him, it would have been much easier to do it this way (the Russian honeypot way) than through technology overreach. Because the honeypot method creates the embarrassing info and harvests it. The tech way depends on the embarrassing info being there in the first place.


I’ve heard people suggest Saudis might be involved.


Yeah, at best Trump inherited a large fortune and turned it into a much smaller fortune. At worst, he’s so laden with debt he’s effectively lost the entire fortune, kept afloat with money laundering. For all his talk of being successful and self-made, I don’t see that he can deny that reality, and given how much importance he puts on that lie, it really must eat him up.


Hey look, Jeff is just us! /Xs


Likely end scenario: Bezos finds out it was the NSA. Bezos can’t stand it, knowing he’s like the rest of us spied-on pukes. Bezos demands NSA shut down. Can’t happen tho. Bezos demands deal with gov to exempt billionaire’s from NSA surveillance. NSA says: yeah, sure, whatever.


He is lashing out. I would probably be upset too

That doesn’t change the fact that AMI offered a “quid pro quo” blackmail deal. It is difficult to see how that isn’t viewed as extortion by a Federal Judge.



Oh that is a given. Of course they are scum.

I’m just talking about the likely party that delivered the goods to them.


Totally agree - or anywhere else for that matter. You just reminded me of a great clip I saw on BBC Three the other day:

“Can I have a pint of lager and your number?”

“It’s not even flattery, because we all know you’ve got beer goggles on…”

There are some great anecdotes told with beautifully understated humour in that clip (us Brits, eh? :wink:).


Snark warning. Wait… It’s a shorter version of the one that was in today’s paper. Disappointing, it’s missing the best snark.