Video: All of The Simpsons couch gags, simultaneously


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There seem to be a lot of repeats. Did some episodes reuse gags?

I noticed at one point that reruns sometimes didn’t use the gag that appeared in the original broadcast. My guess is that the station playing the rerun wanted a shorter or standard time for the couch gag, to make it easier to schedule commercials, so they used a different one.

Are they arranged chronologically (earlier/top to later/bottom)? If so, it seems later episodes had a noticeably longer couch gag. Which led me to think about the one in the upper right quadrant that perseveres long after its contemporaries have faded to black. It must have been an unusually long one for the time, but I couldn’t make out which one it is.

Looks like it cuts off some of those couch gags when it hits the one minute mark. That’s a shame. The one in the top right that seems to last so long is one that is doing a bunch of couch gags all in one go.

FYI - here’s a list of all the couch gags to date (minus the current season)


I think the meta joke was that it was a clip show of intros for a clip show episode.

Or maybe the writers just wanted to hit the bar rather than fill another 30 seconds.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was from the “138th Episode Spectacular” episode.

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