Video escape: Lantern-floating ceremony to honor the dead, Honolulu, Hawaii

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Who’s going to clean up all that litter?

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The lanterns are carefully constructed to be easily contained, collected, and recycled the next year.

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Thanks, I’m glad to hear that.

This is a Japanese custom, and it’s generally done on a river. In the summer of 2011 I was doing disaster relief in a town hard hit by the tsunami. The ceremony was larger than usual and had a lot more lanterns than usual that year. Lanterns were written on my family members who took them down to the river where the were released. They flowed down toward the sea. (And around the bend, beyond site, they were netted and collected.)
Afterward the town folk did the traditional o-Bon (festival of the dead) dance around a central pyre.
Sad, moving, beautiful.

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Its also an Indian custom. Its done on the banks of river Ganga in the evening. Its beautiful.
We use lamps made of clay and oil or leaves and flowers. After burning they assimilate into the river.
Some lamps are left on the banks to burn all night.
I cant upload pics or more than 2 links, so have a look here:

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