Video for Patti Smith's gorgeous tribute to avant-garde poet/dramatist Antonin Artaud

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Depression sucks.

Artaud. Where to begin? Here, with this excerpt from “The Theater and Its Double”:

Lights and sounds produce an impression of dissolving, unravelling, spreading, and squashing — like watery fruits splashing on the ground. Strange couples appear, Spaniard with Indian, horribly enlarged, swollen and black, swaying back and forth like carts about to overturn. Several Hernando Cortez’s enter at the same time, signifying that there is no longer any leader. In some places, Indians massacre Spaniards; while in front of a statue whose head is revolving in time to music, Cortez, arms dangling, seems to dream. Treasons go unpunished, shapes swarm about, never exceeding a certain height in the air.


“Devine sorrow”

Yes, that’s beautiful.

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