Video: montage of arcades in movies




Ahh memories…, though Brother From Another Planet is conspicuously missing.


Technically the scene from Back To The Future II is not set in an arcade but in an '80’s nostalgia café with a single video game. And every time I hear those kids complain that “you have to use your hands” I wonder what the hell it is they use to play video games in the distant year of 2015.


There’s going to need to be a lot of Jaws sequels out this year.

So next year 1985 will be as far away as 1955 was when BTTF came out. I’m kind of surprised there isn’t a sequel in production.


Microsoft invented time travel so they could sneak covert Kinect propaganda into the Back to the Future sequel.


I’m particularly fond of the arcade sequence in the 1978 Dawn of the Dead – it was an interesting time before the dawn of truly electronic arcade machines like Space Invaders or Pac-Man. I recall seeing a few arcades like that when I was a small child, even though my primary arcade experience was as a teenager in the early/mid 1980s.


I was in my hometown last week, helping my mom - and found myself at? the SHOPPING MALL!

Where the arcade I used to play at in 1979 is still in business, although under a different name.

the sounds, the smells, the music? all gave me such a strong smack of nostalgia, jolted so many memories all-at-once, that I actually felt weak in the knees, and had to stop for a second.

Of course, it was all new games, and different layout, etc, but!

it was pretty cool.


Awesome that you got a nostalgic frisson and a glimpse of all the changes, before they remembered you from 1979.


Missing: A little kid with no quarters pretending to play along with the attract screens.


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