Video of contortionist who holds three world records


Guinness and Ripley’s sometimes draw from the same feedstock

I find it difficult to believe that she isn’t some kind of superhero. (Then again, maybe she is…)

I’ll be in my bunk.


I do like the juxtaposition in the preview picture of her pose, which puts me in mind of some kind of bloodless argument with industrial machinery, with her expression of mild ennui.

It’s called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. A genetic defect. Not fun, sometimes lethal, very often leads to extreme disability from the damage.

Extreme cases have been circus performers for centuries. I’m sure the patient community is just thrilled to see it exploited yet again…

Wow that is crazy.

Check out “individual with EDS displaying hypermobile joints” picture when you scroll down. That is painful for me to even look at.

That article is not exactly accurate. Those particular defects only refer to certain types. NIH estimates about 100,000 cases in the US.

I don’t need to check out the pic. I was born with it, too. A lot of what definitely would be painful to you (squeamishness understood) is not painful to many of us. We spend a lot of time putting things back, because they fall apart all the time with next to no pressure or effort.

And, there are many with much milder forms - so mild, they may not even realize they have it. The group doesn’t get much attention because most physicians know little to nothing of it. Unfortunately, that’s a big part of why some extreme cases still get exploited and the milder cases are left without care at all.

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