Video shows what one unit looked like right as Florida condo building started to collapse

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There’s another article i read talked about how a resident mentioned in a call that they heard the building making loud noises in the night. Sadly this person is still missing :frowning: this whole building collapse is awful and terrifying


that was truly terrifying. i would have no idea what to do if suddenly the ceiling in a very tall building started shaking and rumbling.

once, actually, i did have a ceiling fall down on me. an apartment with a leaking roof was letting rain in. it collected in some crawl space above, and eventually part of the ceiling gave way.

there was just a brief pop, and a crack appeared. i slid me and my chair back from the desk where i was reading to take a look up, and immediately the ceiling fell where i just was.

there wasn’t even enough time to register what was happening before it was done – then water and plaster everywhere.

but that was just a small portion of the ceiling. and only some drywall. ( well… wetwall i suppose. )


I saw his interview with CNN yesterday and I wanted to reach through the TV and hug him. :cry:


I keep imagining what if i lived there? Would i have noticed anything was amiss before the collapse? Almost 200 people didn’t and it’s truly tragic, i am deeply saddened for them and their family.


I had a cubical wall that wasn’t put together right (literally had a piece of tape holding it together) fall on me. It whacked hard into my shoulder and gave me a bruise. I saw it out of the corner of my eye but didn’t really have time to react.


homeowners insurance is already high in Fl…now it will be even higher


In a normal state in normal times, I would expect the response to include politicians calling for inquiries, requiring engineers to inspect high rise buildings across the state, building code revisions, enforcement actions, etc.

This week, more than 200 people in Florida died because they refused to get vaccinated, or to wear masks. With over 37,000 COVID-19 deaths, that’s 185 Florida condos collapsing in the last 16 months.

Given the entire response from De Santis to the dead Floridians has been to pass laws prohibiting the requiring of masks, the firing of health department officials, and the arrest of journalists reporting their true death rate, I would not be surprised if he responded by passing a Property Developer’s Bill of Rights: ensuring all Florida property developers equally have the right to use shallow footings, thinner structural support beams, and substandard concrete; to be free to suppress the protests of engineers; the permission to ruthlessly crush all construction unions; to be granted the freedom from Fourth-Amendment-violating intrusive inspections; to be protected from local building codes or burdensome regulations; and the God-given right to hire off-duty cops to bludgeon, pepper spray, and tase any journalists trying to document their malfeasance.

That state is trying harder than anywhere else on Earth to destroy itself.


When that happened to me, the first sign was blisters appearing in the popcorn ceiling that then proceeded to leak. Eventually a big section of the ceiling in the living room gave way.

Locally, there was a two story parking garage by the grocery store that used to exhibit excessive vertical movement when vehicles drove on it. After a couple of years they added a bunch of reinforcement and it stopped doing that. I wonder what the design failure was, why it took so long to notice it, and what caused them to eventually fix it. I fear that this sort of close call is more common than we realize.


Truly terrifying. I don’t know what I would do if I woke up to that. Thank goodness they were away for the weekend.

Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh. The main vehicular entrance is a short wide bridge connecting a significant highway to the second or third level of a very dense parking deck that seems to be cantilevered off the main structure. (I’m sure it’s not, but that’s the impression I get driving onto it.)

I had the pleasure of taking my beloved there for an eye appointment a while back, and waiting in the car. You can count the number of cars crossing the ramp from the highway to the parking deck with your eyes closed, at least until the flow rate gets high enough that the bounces all blur together. It’s not like I’ve never felt movement in major concrete structures, but that one just squicks me right out. I assume they’ve always gotten a steady stream of concerned inquiries over the years, but I assume that stream will now become a flood.

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