Video: trick for drawing a perfect circle




I’ve used this trick before in the past. The issue is that it’s painfully easy for the paper to slide off center, even if it’s by a millimeter, and if this happens the circle will not meet up neatly at the end. It’s a neat trick, but not something i’d rely on for assignments or anything that needs to be presentable.


pretty cool, but more accurate title might be: “trick for drawing a pretty good circle for people who don’t have a compass, a thumbtack and a piece of string, two pencils and a rubber band…”


Or maybe “how to draw a boob.”


Look around you.
Look around you.
Just look around you.
Have you worked out what we’re looking for? That’s right - it’s paraffin.


Not a patch on this guy:


Hmmm, so the “trick” we learn from that one is “be the world champion?”


The real trick for drawing a perfect circle? First, get a perfect circle … what? I learned that from Steve Martin!


I had a geometry teacher in high school that could that, Sam Lum. That would be, oh, 40 years ago.


or, if, you know, your compass was across the room.


Pretty cool. Now let’s see you do it on a whiteboard.


Shhh. I see boobies.


“One to hold the pencil and six to spin the desk…”


…but only if they’re violists…


'cmon. Everyone knows that the trick to drawing a perfect circle is to first achieve emptiness of mind.


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