Vikki "The Back" Dougan - 1950s It Girl


Kitsch-slapped appears to be Boinged.

She was inspirational enough that a song was written about her.


I was just about to say… “Vicky baby you move me, in those far out clothes, but don’t it get chilly coming home at night when that cold. cold tail wind blows?

From Google’s Life magazine archive:
Vikki Dougan Google Life

Baby got back.


Mark’s link looks corrupted. here’s the real deal?

I like my cleavage in the intramammary sulcus.

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In case it goes down again…

Gonna sound terrible for a second; I’ve always found a woman’s back to be the most amazing thing…

I like “Elke the Stallion”


Nah, just a bad link. It should be:

People, let’s be respectful. No cracks.

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That song was slightly fabulous.

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