Vintage toys: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Thumper, and... Idiot?



I remember that type of labeling. It’s the same thought process that makes it OK to continue to use “retarded” as if it weren’t as slur.

But while “retarded” is currently a slur, words like “idiot”, “cretin” and “imbecile” are perfectly legitimate insults today despite originally referring to different levels of mental disability. Language moves on.

How is that Thumper? HOW IS THAT THUMPER?


My parents told me about a comic book character called “Denny Dimwit.”

It’s how they used to spell Eisner.

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The “idiot” is an early beta version of Alfred E Newman - a charicature wich was quite commonplace in many different versions during 1900-1950, until Mad Magazine decided to appropriate it, thereby snatching it away from the public domain.


Idiot masks are apparently still a thing in the UK:

Here’s an idiot mask from the 1950s that the seller has linked to Mad’s Alfred E Neuman:

And here is a “village idiot” mask supposedly being sold by Target and Party City, among other retailers:

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