Visit to the aquarium does not go as expected




Aquarium, spy museum. Six of one…


It looks like the glass fractures, but that is highly unlikely. I wonder what those “explodey” lines are?


It’s a touch-sensitive display, not a window. The glass “fractures” as a special effect.


Nobody told her most shark attacks occur in less than three feet of water.


Next time when they tell you to not tap on the glass, don’t tap on the fucking glass.


Hold the goddamn phone sideways.


Not in the bathroom? I’m safe to use the bathroom then?


Not unless you want to die like Elvis.


The shark still looks fake.


Elvis was killed BY A SHARK?!


And Han shot first…


Gangsta style?


I think that Elvis shot the TV in his bathroom during shark week and thus died of electrocution - the OD story was made up by the TV and gun lobby.


Reminds me of this gem.


She’s in zero feet of water, so the theory still holds.


I had a similarly pants-wetting experience at the Vancouver aquarium about 25 years ago. There’s a sunken viewing area that looks in on several of the tanks. Hoping to attract the attention of a distant killer whale, I unfolded a light-coloured brochure and held it against the glass with my hand.

I was not expecting the whale to catch sight of it, charge across to my window, and open and snap shut his mammoth jaws a few inches from my face. I kept my feet, but may have made a high-pitched noise. Everyone else thought it was just hilarious


Zoos and aquariums are prisons for animals who they keep alive for the amusement of people. There’s no excuse for confining animals who, in their own environment, would have hundreds if not thousands of square miles to roam in freely. I hate to rain on anyone’s parade but if you haven’t seen the doc, “Black Fish”, I highly recommend it. The woman in the video showed no respect for the shark and got less than she deserved from its’ response to her. The shark couldn’t have expressed him/herself better but all she did was laugh after she picked her butt off the floor. That’s probably not the only thing she doesn’t get in life. Sorry, but I have no tolerance for people who are so removed from their own small part in the universe but lord it over their fellow creatures, and especially those wild animals held captive and subjected daily to idiots.


I agree with you regarding captive ocean mammals. However, I should point out that the shark in the video is an interactive video display. There’s no actual shark there.


Never mind , ) And I wrote that whole spiel for naught!