Vivid, gruesome first-person accounts from site of Malaysia Airlines crash


Absolutely heartbreaking.

Nice work, Vladimir.

I think there might be a little too much stuff showing on the main page before the jump. :frowning:

I have read elsewhere that the fact that victims have lost their clothes can be used by investigators to gauge at what altitude the plane broke up.

I fail to see how cutting and pasting these horrifying things from other sources is adding anything to the conversation about this tragedy. This is the worst kind of click bait. No better than slowing down to gawk at a car accident. For shame, Xeni.

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Is it just Xeni? Do the contributors have the authority to upload whatever they want, without being reviewed and approved?

I find it interesting that you take as a given that there is something wrong with slowing down to gawk at a car accident.

Slowing down to gawk at a car accident is a good way to remind yourself that car accidents are not abstract. About 30,000+ people die in car accidents every year in the US, did you know that? It’s a huge number but it’s abstract, so we never do anything about it. Imagine seeing 30,000 crash victims - gruesome, bloody, dead - that would really affect you, make you want to do something.


That’s a very good point. On the other hand, I don’t need reminders to fly more safely.

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the internet is full of this stuff. you shouldn’d blame xeni for showing it to people like me, who only look at boing.

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