Vulnerability in recorders used by 70+ CCTV systems has been known since 2014

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I think you should update the title of your post. For once your headline vastly understates the issue. When I read “Vulnerability in recorders used by 70+ CCTV systems has been known since 2014” I thought, well 70 systems? That’s bad, but not surprising. I was thinking of 70 installed systems, as in 70 locations, not 70 brands of CCTV system used all over the world. That’s horrifying.


Well, this should also be a wake-up call for people who are putting a camera in their living room. Do you really want to trust your privacy to a company or to “the cloud” for that matter?


I do not think most of those people will hear this wake-up call.


When a company says things like “monitor your home security from a remote location” it pays to consider just how secure that new window into your home really is, and whether it’s even worth opening that window.

If I can do it, what’s in place to make sure others can’t?

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I’m not sure about this model, but I’ve seen other DVRs with horrible security that will actually do you the “favor” of trying to get an outside port opened on your router through UPNP. Insecure boxes that will throw themselves on the open Internet without your permission, so long as your router is cooperative. It’s rather dumbfounding.


Unsecured webcams are pretty fun as well. This Twitter feed is nothing more than screencaps from unsecured (or poorly secured) webcams.


Shades of The Execution Channel. (In the novel, the Chinese have put backdoors into all security cams.)

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I think reading the headline that way doesn’t make too much sense as it isn’t newsworthy. Even for 70 brands, without any mention of the % marketshare of those devices it is hard to measure the importance of the article. But I am guessing that the list includes common brands sold at costco, frye’s, and by some major national US security companies, but that is just a guess.

The frequency is only audible to mutants.

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Perhaps, yet I clicked on the link thinking that was the case. So at least one person was interested enough based on that reading :slight_smile:

You’d think people would be better at evenly hanging these cameras, more than half these pictures are askew or pointed at nothing!


Just today, I suggested to a co-worker that we should hang a webcam over the sink in the company break room to find out who is just leaving their dishes in the sink, rather than using the dishwasher less than two feet away. I’m all in favor of public surveillance that is actually public (not separating observers from observees).

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