VW Beetle with rooftop camper


Mission achieved.

What a wuss, you aren’t a badass unless you sleep in the back seat.

(which I’ve done, as a grown adult, and yes I was sore in the morning)

That doesn’t look very stable. Is the ladder part of what’s holding up the back half?

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I remember as a small child camping with my parents in a somewhat older beetle. As I recall, my father removed the front seats and put back in facing backwards (or maybe he removed them entirely) for a place for him and my mother to sleep and I slept in a stretcher type arrangement of two sticks and a blanked between the two open windows. It was an experiment that was not repeated.

Pitching a tent on top of your car does not a camper make. Especially when the ladder in the back is part of what holds it up and i toss turn and sleepwalk.

Oh and i snore. So there’s that.

Personally would rather pitch a good dome tent near the car. Nice beetle though, what year is it?

love love love the evaporative cooling canister on the passenger window. very good memories right there.

Hmm, with the added wind resistance of the camper (even though it folds up into a fairly flat looking package), and the luggage strapped to the back, I’m guessing the 0 to 60 time was approximately never.

Still, I have to give props to the design of that camper, it looks like it takes all of 60 seconds to setup, and most of that would be staking down the ladder.

I have not-so-fond childhood memories of our Beetle breaking down late one night on a family holiday, and our whole family of 5 sleeping in it until it got light enough for my dad to see and fix the problem. So I call your Beetle ‘one adult on a backseat’ and raise you ‘2 adults, 3 kids and luggage for a holiday’ … :wink:

OK… Take one VW Bug. Remove the front passenger seat, replace with standard milk crate on its side… Remove back of back seat, cut plywood to make bed base (~6’2’’ is possible with that space behind the back seat.) Cut 3" foam for bed, fitted single sheet, top sheet, pillow & blanket(s). Insert standard propane tank into milk crate, run hose through cardboard glove box into front trunk, to connect with 3 burner camp ‘trivet’ stove. Store cooking gear, water, rice, beans, felafel mix, etc. in trunk. Fit screens for front windows and sunroof. Plenty of room behind driver’s seat for small cooler, clothing, tools, books, esp. ‘How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive, A Guide for the Compleat Idiot’ 1st Ed. (with clutch plate pages so greasy they’re unreadable, but who needs the book anymore, anyway?) I lived in mine for ~5 months in '74 or '5… Santa Fe -> San Diego -> Port Townsend -> and back through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado. Rice, beans, cheese, beer and gas were about the only expenses for one fine trek.



Well, that’s only added a small amount to the standard 0-60 times for a Beetle. What it needs is a little upgrade from Turbonique.

Is the tree a secret wind deflector? Because otherwise, that beautiful contraption is not drivable.

Oh, they drove 'em.

Driving did not go well. It may have been the worst driving experience


OK, you win —in a VW Beetle anyway. But how about a day-trip with that same family of 5, but all in the cab of a single bench seat pickup truck, with an adult Great Dane dog crammed into the same space? :wink:

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aeon: Definite win for endurance of the unbearable…

Make sure you watch all the way to the end.

Now I remember that episode!

Y’all know something about me that my closest friends don’t know. I’m not the usual demographic for Top Gear, that’s for sure.

Ooh, I haven’t played this game in thirty years. And nobody else has guessed yet! I promise not to look anything up, but you’ll just have to trust me on that (if I get it right, anyway - more likely hilarious errors will make it obvious that I didn’t google it).

The rear rack, tent, chrome dishes under the door handles, fake whitewalls and wheelskirts are not original and scream West Coast, probably northwest or Cali. It’s not “California Look” modded, though so I’ll guess the owner’s in the US Northwest.

The complicated chrome tubing instead of a cheap pressed steel bumper puts it before 1972. The even-width chrome stripe makes it a beetle, with Dr. Porsche’s torsion tube front end, rather than a Super Beetle with cheapo modern struts. The taillights are small, but not super-small like the really early ones. The hub caps and trim rings indicate original wheels and drums with five lug bolts (not nuts!) instead of four. Can’t see the windshield to see if it’s flat, but it probably isn’t, given the other clues. I can’t remember what that style of wing windows means. I don’t see any chrome on the trunk lid, but it looks fairly longish, OK, I’m guessing a 1964 Beetle with a single throat engine, either a 1300 or a 1500.