W3C DRM Specification Good for the Web?

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Yogi, I don’t think the Ranger’s gonna like this.




Good. I dunno. Better than the fucked up flash/silverlight/whateverwecodedandneverupdatedforourapp plugin crap. YES!


This!! Go out to watch Amazon Prime Video, get 'You have to use Silverlight!", curse Amazon and Microsloth, download movie from torrent site to watch with VLC.


With plugins and apps, there’s no meaningful transition to a DRM-free world. There’s no good way for distributors to test the waters and see if unprotected distribution is viable. With EME, there is. EME will keep content out of apps and on the Web, and it creates a stepping stone to a DRM-free world. That’s not hurting the open Web—it’s working to ensure its continued usefulness and relevance.

Well, that’s a take I hadn’t previously heard or thought of.

So, the end goal is a DRM free web?

And the way to that goal is through a DRM’d web?

I don’t know what it is about that kind of reasoning… there’s something… maybe a little bit of… a tiny wee piece of je ne sais quoi in that rhetoric methinks.

Oh yeah. Bullshit. No. Wishful thinking. Oh hell, let’s just go for “bullshit, wishful thinking”.

Not to comment on the necessity, applicability or strength of the technology itself, of course.

For that, I have this:

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