Walter Cronkite in the computerized home office of 2001 (1967)


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Pretty prescient, actually. I wish I could get a Philco computer. Mine does not have enough wood grain.


Truly this is the future… for one or two percent of the population!


So…can we blame Cronkite for all these “computerized communication consoles” screwing up humanity? Nice going, Walter!


Pretty spot on in a lot of ways. Totally off in form factor though but yes those would make a pretty awesome case for a desktop.


and dials, mor dialz pleaz!


In 2001 I still regularly printed hard copies of news stories and other items that I wanted to read on the commute home.

Fifteen years later I’m usually too engrossed in a podcast to read.


I love how the “kitchen computer” has been a recurring trope over the ages, even to the point of leading to actual products that flopped, like the 3Com Audrey. In any case, I don’t think an ASR-33 in the kitchen would have ever been popular.

Looks like we got our 30-hour work weeks… where are the month-long vacations?


It occurs to me that you might be living on the wrong continent for such cushy employment. Get that nose back to the grindstone, you socialist!


They have multiple devices in order to display information from different sources. It’s amazing how far the Internet was off everyone’s radar back then.


In the EU?


I loved Cronkite’s show and how plausible it seemed when I was a kid, and how it made the future seem so exciting. I also liked how Walter Cronkite looked kind of like Walt Disney, who also had a show where he’d sometimes talk about the world of tomorrow - and their names were both Walt(er)!

I guess I was pretty easily amused as a kid.


I’ve tried podcasts, but I find the pace excruciatingly slow. I can read the same volume of information in a fraction of the time.


The kitchen computer hasn’t flopped. It’s real. My wife and I regularly use our computers for recipes just like they always said we would.


I do also. But it’s difficult to use the ipad for a recipe while also watching netflix while I cook. Also, my tiara is just too shiny (or something) :blush:


Oh good, it isn’t just me; I prop the tablet up in a book holder in the kitchen so I don’t have to keep running back to my laptop to check the recipe. When I realized that this is probably what I use it for most often, I had to laugh at myself.

I know this is from before I was born, but the idea that this is for the man of the house still gave me a sad.


Arthur C Clarke had it almost right in Imperial Earth, in 1975. People could work from home on their personal computers, and access data on handheld devices. But Clarke was one of the best futurists and I can’t think of a better description of the Internet before that.


That grated with me, too. Disappointing that they focused on changes in technology exclusively, and couldn’t imagine evolution in civil rights.


Walter Cronkite’s eyebrows require no 3-D TV Of The Future to appear larger than life. :wink:


I love how he sounds like Doctor Morbius explaining Krell technology.