Wash your hands

Am I the lone weirdo who has always washed with cold water? I just like the way it feels better.

Well, not quite everything… there are materials with a downward sloping solubility curve. I think calcium sulfate (gypsum) is one example.
Also, occasionally one encounters a situation where warming the stuff you’re trying to wash off speeds its diffusion into your skin to a greater extent than it speeds its removal. A tip I got from some nurses: if you’re trying to wash poop off your skin, use cold water. Using warm water tends to leave your skin smelly afterwards, for the aforementioned reason.

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Nice how the article and the blurb say that the temperature of hot tap water is insufficient to kill bacteria but doesn’t say what temperature is sufficient.

Presumably 165 like you have to cook chicken? 140 might also be enough, that’s about where you would sous vide chicken for a couple hours. Most people can only stand up to 110 to 120. But what about washing with gloves?

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