Watch a JPG decode on a 286 PC from the early 1990s

I remember ogg-vorbis files kicking my old pentium’s butt like I couldn’t even use a browser while playing one.

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This may become the next project for the Altair 8800 students.

Same on my old Athlon K2

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Sorry it took so long to get back to you.


That performance is comparable to Teams on my current corporate craptop.


Window blind rendering was great. IIRC it would bifurcate so ecery 16 lines, then every 8 etc. It was much nicer to watch than pixelation. I still occasionally see pixellated rendering, network issues I guess, and I get a pang of nostalgia for window blind sryle rendering whenever I see it.

Around this era, my sister was studying photography. She switched to digital imaging, because she was pretty sure film would disappear.

“Are you sure?” I said “A decent image is over a megabyte, and can easily be 10 meg. People will have to store their pictures somewhere. My PC could store maybe 30 images and would be full. That doesn’t sound great compared to a 32-exposure roll of film that makes pictures that fit into an envelope smaller than a sandwich”

The take-away point: don’t ask me about the future. I clearly have no idea.


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