Watch a watch being made


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My father owns a Nomos Tangente watch and those Nomos Glashütte watches with their modest bauhaus-esque design are one of the few expensive watches I would spend big € for. Omega, Rolex, Breitling watches look IMO like some overweight cluttered specialist measuring device on ones wrist. The Nomos watch is just that - a watch, nothing more, nothing less.


It’s nice to get a chance to see how real watches are made. All those custom jigs and fixtures and little lathes and laser engravers and whatnot!

I make Nixie watches, but my tooling is quite a bit more ghetto. The only tools I spend noticeable money on are the soldering iron and microscope (both used), and the diagonal cutters (one expensive pair a year).

The installation of the balance assembly at 1:55 of that video gave me flashbacks of my teacher telling us NEVER EVER DO IT LIKE THAT.

Sigh. Yet again, BB strokes my private interests.

What’s wrong and why?

When you lower it like that the balance wheel hangs from the hairspring and it might lose it’s shape. Of course those are brand new so they can probpably handle the weight of the balance wheel. but still it’s the most sensitive thing in a watch and with out it being perfect the watch won’t keep time.

Even a small magnet is enough to fuck up a hairspring.


I think the Stewartries Museum in Kircudbright had a collection of watchmakers lathes and tools, though I may have the wrong town. Dumfries is possible, and it was definitely that part of Scotland.

The Royal Greenwich Observatory is also worth the trip from the Worldcon location. and this year is the anniversary of the 1714 Longtitude Act

Link to the video on Youtube, for people like me who can’t launch videos on BB.

I could watch industrial process docs all day…

Lindstrom? Something better?

The place where I used to work made us buy our own tools but they would lightly grind a new edge on them for us as needed. My original pair survived daily use for the five years I worked there.

What happened with the videos? I can’t play them on Chrome any more, even if I disable all blocking extensions. And then you stopped providing extra video links a few days ago.

I’ve made a larger/longer .gif of the laser etching scene [17MB] -

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