WATCH: documentary on Walt Disney, the futurist

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What a visionary!

These films were “lovingly reproduced” by Marvel in the Howard Stark film reels of Iron Man 2.

Disney was truly a man who escaped his upbringing.

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It’s kind of amusing to look back on some of his ideas of what the future would look like—at once visionary and totally anachronistic in a mid-20th-Century Americana way.

For example, “The Magic Highway” includes many innovative ideas for personal transportation: some of which have come to pass, others still in development, and some outright silly. But the short also had a totally 1950s idea of how people would use that technology: a car splits into segments so “father” can go to work at his high-rise office while “mother and son” go shopping, much like the opening sequence from The Jetsons.

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