Watch Gerald McBoing-Boing, the wonderful Oscar-winning cartoon from 1950

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The video is for the second Gerald McBoing-Boing cartoon. The one with the text cited in the article is actually this one:

That wasn’t a covert advertisement for the telephone company, was it?

Ooops! I pasted the wrong YouTube URL. Thank you! Fixed!


They say it all started
when Gerald was two—
That’s the age kids start talking—least, most of them do.
Well, when he started talking,
you know what he said?
He doesn’t speak words—
he went boing boing instead!

My wife has a similar complaint :blush:

It looks like there’s a newer version of this cartoon too:

I watched a few of these newer ones with the kids. They weren’t bad (certainly better than watching Blues Clues or Cailou, but not as good as Animaniacs)


Yep! Born the same year of this release, I do remember it well, though I have not seen it in 60 (omg) years. Mr. Miller the voice over actor was also on a TV show I watched as a kid, the Millionaire.
Thanks for the memories. And a healthy “Boing-boing” to all.


Oooh! I like dissecting children’s stories to find the real morals!

Theft is excusable if you can vilify the victim.


The cartoon reminded me of a recent podcast about the “earliest trademarked sound”, the NBC chimes.

UPA - United Productions of America. When my mother was a young woman she worked for them as an animator.
Edited: had the wrong expansion of the acronym.

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