Watch how to build a working 3D printed tabletop arcade console


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If he wants to 3d print more power to him, but probably much easier/ economical to do in mdf.


I triggered pretty hard when I saw that they had to “break it up into smaller pieces to fit”.

As a semi-professional 3D printer, I hate printing stuff that should be milled/lasercut.

It still came out nice though :slight_smile:


What if you only have a 3D printer, and no access to milling or laser cutters?


When all you have is a 3D printer, everything looks like 3D printed nails.


Hahaha, so true … lol … I did initially consider laser cutting mdf, but there weren’t any easy way for me to get access to a laser cutter. Going to a commercial laser cutter would have cost me a lot more than 3D printing myself … so yeah … that’s how I ended up 3D Printing the whole thing :slight_smile:


Are you serious? This is Boing Boing.


Or ordinary woodworking tools?


Where everything is either a banana or a 3d printer.


Millennium Falcon for scale?


What if you only have Lego, and no wood?


Generals go to war with the army have.

And if it works, can it be wrong?


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