Watch Hunter S. Thompson's four appearances on Letterman

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it is sad and twisted, that the next generation will have no idea how brilliant he was

Yeah - all that stuff is in books - we don’t read those anymore - force feed us garbage from the interweb

I had the pleasure of travelling on apress plane with the good Doctor during Bentsen-Dukakis run

His accent was often perceived to be drunkenness, etc. but I can tell you, even in the binge of bourbon, coke and strippers? his mind was spinning with creativity, ideas and rebellion.

At an Austin stopover, he insisted I loan him my vintage Yamaha 2 stroke, which he immediately disappeared on. Got a call from a “club” that some raving lunatic was there and left my bike by the front door, come get the bike. by the time I arrived with truck and ramp, he’s made friends with the manager and most of the dancers, greeting me with ice cream and strippers. I sat down to a discussion on how we could improve college instruction by infusing more real experience with classroom lecture, and how this could be implemented as a work/share program.

had a brilliant interview with Charlie Rose once - -

the guy had style. a style we are missing now.


rarely do us mortals interact with a god.
Good for you.

i think? one of the best parts - he saw himself as an ordinary guy in a weird world.

he was damn approachable - until bender time…

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