Watch: Mommy Mommy, Where's My Brain?

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It sometimes seems to me that there isn’t more of this kind of movie experimentation being created in modern times. And things are so much easier and more available than ever. “Cheap” 8mm back in the day was still too expensive for your average person to just go around making experimental movies. But now it’s damn near free to film, edit and share short films and I am not aware of very much being made at all, by anyone.

Or maybe I can’t see the forest for the trees? But somehow the youtubes of the world is lacking in creativity.

Or, possibly, the youtubes of the world are overflowing with creativity, but the algorithm prefers to show you variations of things you’ve already seen, and you would never know that any of that creativity is out there being hidden from you.


Pick one at random?

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mr zedd was innverviewed by an old friend for the magazine he’d founded, Film Threat. mr z said he would definitely roll film were he to happen upon an actual rape taking place.

To hell with him.

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