Watch Mr. Wizard explain how to draw on a computer (1985)

Are you sure about that? Amiga’s all came with a built-in 3.5" floppy drive. I don’t believe there was ever a cassette drive for it (as that would be kind of pointless). You’re probably thinking of the C64, which did have a cassette drive available.

It has a CPU. There’s no reason why you couldn’t code directly on a Vectrex if you had a compiler for it.

It’s a computer.

Don’t take it so personally; it’s just an opinion.


I don’t disagree, I just meant that it isn’t a general-purpose home computer like you’d expect, it’s a rather quirky video game console with an unconnected keyboard sitting next to it.

Excellent sleuthing there citizen. Unfortunately that discussion had already taken place further up in the thread so you will not be receiving a bonus prize for your amazing work in recognizing a simple mistake.

Don’t I even get the home version of the game?


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