Watch people trick themselves in a choice blindness experiment

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i really like the experiment. they should see if others can replicate it.

a couple of things: humans aren’t all americans, so most studies like this should limit generalization.

and, there are other conclusions than the one they set out to prove: for example, people get embarrassed or easily flustered when pressed about snap decisions they’ve made.

or, people need more time when making decisions because snap decisions on certain topics are otherwise often arbitrary.

since they didn’t present a range of possibilities and try to prove that their conclusion was actually the real one, it’s not very convincing ( even if the experiment is still interesting )


I think this is very plausible. And I’d say a good strategy for a brain. Making up reasons why the situation you are in is the situation you wanted leads to a happier life I’d think

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“First we decide, then we deduce” – Louis Manand, the Metaphysical Club

It’s interesting that many people insist that their (or our) choices are based upon experience or rationality, when in fact it’s just the opposite. Almost always, we decide what we like/want, and then use experience or reason to justify our decision.


I’m wondering if they initially attempted the experiment where (via sleight of hand) A and B were switched, but A and B were still visible, and simply bring the [fake] choice forward. Instead of what they apparently did, which was remove the true choice from sight altogether. Obviously, much higher chance of detection (so high as to make the experiment impossible?)

In any case, I now realize my life is a lie.

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all of this brings to mind, wine tasting… enough said!

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