Watch the new Ready Player One featurette


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Ok, I’m in.


Yeah, that book was pretty fun but Armada sucked so hard.
That guy isn’t going to improve as a writer if he doesn’t think he has to.
Maybe he doesn’t, what with all the money and stuff.




This looks cool but I wonder if Cline’s strong pro-atheist statements from the book will also be reflected in the movie. I’m guessing… probably not.


That’s …not the same novel I read.


Really I probably liked Armadas flow just a little bit more the Ready player one.


“Watch the new Ready Player One featurette”



My one beef with this movie is its casting. All three main characters (IRL) are supposed to be chunky due to either poor diet (Wade) or lack of actual exercise (art3mis) or general build (H) .
Gee whiz but I guess there isn’t a single photogenic somewhat chunky young male or female actor anywhere!
Apparently even Spielberg says fuck you fatty when it comes to promoting realistic body positivity.



In the book Wade gets super-fit after he gets money and his own place, but there’s only so much they can do in a 2-hr movie. Has there been any info on who’s playing H IRL?


For me it had all the bad (poor writing) and none of the good (fun story, the Stacks).

Boy, Spielberg though, good choice. Both of these guys like to tug on the same flavor of chain. If I want my chain tugged, I’ll do it myself.


That author-preaching infodump at the beginning of the novel was a little annoying, but it does a good job of setting the tone for the novel. For a movie though, I don’t think it’s even necessary. Spielberg is usually pretty good about following the “show me don’t tell me” rule of setting the background and tone for a film.


That movie is not going to age well.


It’s a movie set in 2044 that prominently features a DeLorean from a movie set in the mid-80s which was supposedly tricked out with hover-car technology in the year 2015. It’s going to age beautifully.


The DeLorean may be the least of its problems. The look, the citations, and the whole concept are way too actual to resit the changes of time.
But it’s just my opinion. Don’t take it too seriously.


I think that the only feelings of nostalgia I might have are for the first half of my twenties. There are certain pieces of music that remind me of being a kid, but generally, watching old movies or reading books that I read back then don’t put me in my young mind at all, but this book did. It didn’t remind me of being young so much as I felt like I was a kid while I was reading it. I’ve never talked to anyone that knew what “The Space Giants” were, and the only D&D module that I ever owned was “Tomb of Horrors”(it was more or less impossible to survive), so it seemed so personal to my life than any book I have ever read, it played a very pleasant trick on my mind. I enjoyed this book so much that I never thought about of any of its shortcomings, much like how I enjoyed books when I was young.

As for the movie, Steven Spielberg is the obvious choice to direct it, but it’s hard to imagine that he could make a blockbuster type movie that would be so perfectly slanted towards nerdy Gen-Xers. It also seems glossy and the characters are overly attractive.


I really loved the novel “Ready Player One,” and I have boundless respect and admiration for Ernie Cline.

But Spielberg comes off like a drooling Trumpian half-wit when he blathers about Ernie seeing the future before anyone else. The reason we love this novel is not because it shows us things that no one ever anticipated, but rather because it shows us things that we all desperately wanted to see happen.


Lena Waithe. Looks like they got it right body type wise with her. although she’s a bit long in the tooth for a 18 year old.(30+)
Sure Wade gets fit later but come on you can definitely see they are trying to defat this movie… Simon pegg as OGG? I loves me some pegg but unless they put him in a fat suit…


This movie better preform for the studio…just the music clearances must have cost a medium sized countries GDP