Watch the trailer for "elevated" slasher horror film, Random Acts of Violence

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From the title, I’d hoped it was an adaptation of Jack Womack’s Random Acts of Senseless Violence, a book that seems more prescient today than ever.

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Another night, Lola watches footage of the president meeting with his Cabinet and notices the same glassy-eyed stare her mother gets when she’s taking Xanax. It isn’t that much longer before the president is shot, and replaced by “the guy everybody always makes fun of,” who tells the nation “there’s no reason for anyone to worry about the situation.” As Lola notes, though, “he didn’t say which situation.” There is some clarification soon after, which readers in early 2017, as President Trump threatens to send “the Feds” into Chicago, should find particularly chilling:

He said that Operation Domestic Storm would calm everything down in no time and that there was no need to worry about the economy. He said the nation was poised for recovery like he always said. He also said on the advice of advisors mobs of animals in the city would be shown no mercy.

(from 2017-- recent enough, I should think)

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