Watch the trailer to "The Booksellers," a documentary on the enduring, eccentric world of rare book selling

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If I win the lottery, this is what I’d do, just sit and read, drink coffee, read, take the pup for a walk, read some more, and yeah, maybe sell a book once in awhile.



So Parker Posey is feeling guilt?

In “You’ve got mail” Parker’s character was on the side of Joe Fox, who caused “The Shop Around the Corner” (a children’s bookstore) to close.

At least until she broke a nail, or couldn’t find a Tic-Tac.

High prices don’t make books valuable.

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Posey also played a library clerk in the 1995 film Party Girl.

Reminds me of the ‘A Bestiary of Booksellers’ issue of Cometbus, a wonderful read for anyone who wants an insider’s view of the world of booksellers.

Ahhhhhhh! Did you know that Aaron also runs a bookshop of his own in Brooklyn?


I did yeah though I’ve somehow managed to miss going in on my last few NYC visits.

Here in Austin we had Adventures in Crime and Space, a specialty bookseller specializing in, oddly enough, mysteries and S/F. The guy did have some rare books that I absolutely lusted after but could in no way afford. A lot of the stock was very affordable, though and it was a joy just to look around the place. I SOOOOO wanted that hardback copy of Michael Blumlein’s The Brains of Rats, a collection of short stories by a practicing doctor. The second story into that, you quickly learn to stop looking up the meaning of the medical terms just so you don’t throw up.

“The Booksellers” sounds a bit like a gang out of the Batman TV series. Though usually those were a single criminal leading a gang, not an alliance of equal criminals.

But then there was a story here about someone stealing rare books.

But the series did have “The Bookworm”, complete with a reading lamp on his hat.

" Banacek" on TV regularly went to a used book dealer for help. Steve Berru’s “Cotton Malone” books has him owning a used book store in Copenhagen.

I think I paid ten dollars for a paperback “The Butterfly Kid” at Bakka in Toronto thirty years ago. Given the cover price, probably the most I paid for a used book, until cover price so went up so much that used prices went up. Paid $5 each for two Tom Corbett books about 1994, and $5 and $10 for a pair of Rick Brant books about fifteen years ago, I was curious.

But otherwise, all the “rare” books I have were found by churning through books at book sales, before the dealers got to them. I know they are ncommon, but since I’m looking for myself rather than to sell, have no idea what they might sell for. I like that history of the NAACP for its fiftieth anniversary, I got home and saw it was written by Langston Hughes, and I think it 's his autograph. Some group will get it some day, maybe the King Centre.

I was once in New York City and someone asked me to check a place. I ring tye doorbell, someone comes down and says “what do you want? This isn’t a store.” And I blurted out " Ballantyne Adult Victim n" and was let in getting a couple of titles my friend wanted.

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