Watch these impressive Slinky moves by a street performer


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Slinky moves:


It’s cool, but a snappier term than “slinky manipulator” seems needed. Slinkist?


Not directly related, but I tend to come away from some of these manipulated demo videos (forward/reverse editing, etc.) feeling kind of cheated.


Besides his all-too-brief performance, the best part of his Gong Show appearance (not in the linked video above) was when one of the judges – Jimmy Kimmel I believe — gave him a crappy score and said that anybody can do slinky tricks. Slinky Josh immediately invited him to try, and Jimmy failed miserably. Josh makes tricky stuff look easy.


Best to avoid copyright infringement too. “Springmaster”?


I saw them live once, probably in the early 90’s at Pepperdine, and it was a childhood dream come true.


I knew there was so much more you could do with a Slinky then only sending it down the stairs, alone or in pairs, making slinkyity sounds.







… and people say that the Swiss are stiff…


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