Watch these mesmerizing mechanisms


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Geneva drives are a lot of fun. (And they lend themselves well to waterjet CNC fabrication.) I’ve used them in a few kinetic pieces, including my most recent cocktail making device:


Those perpetual motion machines look pretty good. Big Physics just doesn’t want you to know about all the free energy.


That’s really great, but the last one with all the perpetual motion machines (all working fine, to a reggae trumpet of sorts) is a treat-o-horror.


The trouble with my perpetual motion machine is that I can’t find the off switch.


“It would be fun to 3D print and/or lasercut these ingenious mechanisms.” YES. And now you can: Boulder PhD student Hyunjoo Oh’s Paper Mechatronics site lets you design, simulate and laser cut paper machines.


The creator of the 4th one down is rather prolific. Here’s his full library, which includes source files.

You’re welcome.


Geneva drives have been used in rotary indexing tables for automatic (as distinct from robotic) assembly machines.


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