Watch this moving tribute to abandoned pianos

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Strangely enough, secondhand pianos can be a glut on the market. We acquired one for the cost of moving it, and every once in a while they pop up on Craigslist for free. Getting one from where it is no longer wanted to where it is can be a problem, provided you can even find someone to take it there.


I think that was the plot of every other classic film comedy!

  1. Pianos should never be abandoned.

  2. If they are, let Romain Thiery take a photo, they are gorgeous.

  3. I could do very well without him playing piano.

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At a young age I learned to play the piano. Now, half a century later I play a classical C flute, much easier to transport and accommodate.

edit My father’s old friend past away 20 years ago. While at the funeral home, the old man struck up a conversation with the Curatory remarking on the mint condition of their Mammond organ. The curator said they have a spare one brand new they never used and could be for sale if an offer was made. My Dad offered 400$ CAD and the deal was sealed. The old man was never happier.

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