Watch this next-gen thermal camera attachment for smartphones


That could come in handy when one needs to determine if someone is a human, cyborg or robot.


Or aroused.

Also handy to see which keys were pressed after someone enters their password or PIN…

I have one of these, a very cool tool, but it taught me to palm the whole keyboard, heating it up, after using; especially with plastic keys–metal ones aren’t so bad.

The one I have snaps onto an iPhone 5 like a thick case, very unobtrusive. That and their ubiquity due to low cost means you’ll have to be more careful with security leaks…


Or an aroused cyborg.


I like the super imposed visible light image that makes it easier to interpret footage (well, footage during the daytime or with enough light), but it’s too bad the thermal cam is still super low resolution.

Good for identifying alien reptiles, too. Are they room temperature, or above?

Handy when checking your growhouse for thermal leaks!


There are posts out there about this, namely how to take the sensor out (it is apparently not soldered on the board but socketed) and use in other applications. There are datasheets. The sensor itself has a SPI interface,

The sensor hacking:

And a dev kit, with an interface board that contains the needed power supplies:

Edit: We need Chinese knockoffs that’d bring the cost from $250 per sensor down to $25, and that would ignore the “export” limitation of 8 Hz framerate crap, which is artificial and not caused by any reasonable technological limitation but by the will of old men in suits.

I see lots of fun uses for this kind of tech, from streets to labs to kitchens.



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Just look at this banana detector. Just look at it.

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