Watch this Oscar-worthy pratfall by a pro baseball player who was hit by a pitch

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The gag here (you could sort of infer something weird was going on), is that he’s NOT a pitcher (which you could also tell from his delivery), he’s an infielder, I guess pressed into pitching for this spring training game to rest the bullpen during a blowout (so that’s also why d’Arnaud was even expecting to get hit.)

Good fun.

[ETA: oops. Apparently not a spring training game, opening day was last week.]


Thanks for the context. I was going to say that a ~50mph pitch is really slow.


I know that yesterday this was what was making my GF giggle.


Came here for this. Thank you.

In other (pretty cool) baseball news -


Maybe we do want a belly itcher.


Baseball been berry, berry good to me!


I watch baseball news & recaps by a great youtoober. He talked about Ms Nakken at the beginning of his vid yesterday. He made it clear he thinks it’s great, and so is she. He added that a lot of jerks raised objections, and he said people like that don’t belong in the game. Wonderful!

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LOL I also came here to post this.


“Your football… I don’t know.”

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Your Wizards avatar is pretty great. I had a poster of that up on my wall in high school.

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The jerks are often ‘purists’ who moan about destroying the game. In my opinion they are just jerks (misogynists, people who can’t handle change, cynical about everything - I don’t know - maybe just jerks covers it). Blacks, foreign players, the DH, inter-league play were all things that were going to destroy baseball. If anything destroys baseball it will be the usual suspects - greed and stupidity.

My recent baseball happiness? Watching Tim Anderson and Luis Robert hit back to back home runs the other night. And watching this dude flop to the ground when he got ‘beaned’. Well played.

Oh, and while the White Sox lost yesterday, everyone should watch the replays on how they got their lone run. Winds were crazy at Sox park and three pop ups in a row had the Mariners’ infield running all over the place.

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The people whose complaints re: changes in baseball are informed by bigotry can fuck right off.

Some of the changes made/desired by baseball’s Powers What Am are thoroughly ridiculous, and objections to ‘em are raised by both walking baseball encyclopedias, and the drunken know-littles. C’mon, the obsession with speeding up the game, while Yankistani football consists a lot of large men standing around for hours, interspersed with a few seconds of sharing out concussions (cancel). They keep talkin’ 'bout a pitch clock, but let the batters peacock around all they like? Might as well have health insurance which covers viagra but not The Pill! It’s absurd!
Oh, wait…

manfred’s the worst thing to happen to baseball since steroids: a cheap tape recorder, spewing the/his owners’ capitalist garbage. His allowing them to screw around w/free agents/agency the way they’ve been doing is inexcusable. Players of most sports are certainly overpaid, but the owners’ wealth, all gained off their and our backs, is obscene.

That pratfall is hysterical. My BF, who’s learning about the game from me, demanded to see it over and over tophat-biggrin
I joined in w/@Mister44’s GF’s LHAO at the HBP posted above tophat-rofl

I love seeing crazy plays and bizarre games. The Dodgers came to Detroit a few years ago, and we beat them like 20-4!

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