WATCH: Torturing virtual people with crowd simulation software




This is kind of fucked up.

Will it blend?


the people who make it past the spinning bar could easily run over the pile of people instead they just trip on the fist one and spend the rest of the time having seizures.

that is the most disturbing aspects to me the piles of twitching people.


Not really virtual people. More like virtual bacteria given human bodies. People try to save themselves even when they get injured. This is more like human shaped lumps of dirt that fall apart once they touch an obstacle. Pretty inaccurate crowd sim if you ask me. The first one or two guys would dash in after the crowd surrounds the spinning blade. Then a contingent of blade chasers might form, along with a static contingent of blade jumpers. It’s absurd to thing a hundred people would just run into a moving obstacle like that without any kind of plan of attack, no mattter how bad the mob mentality gets.


Found him.


No one said this was an actual crowd sim. It was just made using a crowd sim plugin for Maya. “Accuracy” or realism is down to the logic chosen, if he just used it as was out of the box without the specific behaviour reactions then he’s quite obviously not going for realism as far as human reaction goes and I don’t think any claim has been made otherwise.


Ha, multiple soundtracks, each time you reload, the crowd screams remain but the song changes.


I watched it on mute while singing yakkity sax.


…three times now…


I’ve refreshed the full-screen version several times now, and it works well, yet differently, with each different song. Mesmerizing…


It is not a virtual intelligence, but a crowd control plugin. The point is to have big crowds of people or animals moving in a swarm without having to animate every one by hand. Programs like these were for example used in the big battles in Lord of the rings (For the soldiers farther away from the virtual camera). It CAN be combined with more intelligent behavior, but this would make the needed render-time spike a lot.


I assume this is the prototype for Logan’s Run’s Carrousel. Are we ready to live underground in a euthanasia paradise yet?


Is it weird that I wish there was an 1 hour version of this?


Miarmy plugin? Thanks for the tip, bb


No wonder I don’t like watching movies with CGI crowds. Their actions make no sense!

Crowd simulation software has a long ways to go. The notion that it would take too much computing power is silly - the folks who make movies have several thousand CPUs on hand that can work out the physics.


Don’t know why people are saying this is unrealistic. Looks like a perfectly realistic simulation of a drunken soccer riot in an industrial mixer to me. Running straight into obstacles without foresight or intelligence? Falling on the ground and then just writhing around? Yep.


I like his ‘UFO Culling,’ as well.


It’s just a test you pedantic f*ck


One of the few escapees at 00:07. I guess all that experience navigating large crowds gave him an edge.


Use this one for breeding purposes.