Watch very odd stop-motion video starring "Hunny Bear"


It frightens and disturbs me.

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“Now they look like happy mutants” I said as I shifted uncomfortably.


It is easily ridiculed images like these, of people doing offbeat, harmless things they enjoy, that really tests claims of inclusiveness and open-mindedness. Makes me wonder why its OK to make fun of some “weird” people, but not others.


Because it’s fun.

I don’t feel like they’re being made fun of. It’s “very odd”, not “terrible”


Huh. When I’m bored at the motel, I’m generally reduced to just reading the Gideons’.

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So was banging your mom, but they both leave you with kind of an empty, itchy feeling a few days later.

It’s a VW thing, you wouldn’t understand.


Good beginning.
Now, please, add animatronics and at least rudimentary AI…

I think this is so much better.


I think a lot of people become uncomfortable because we see something like this being a lot closer to something like this:

than what we’d consider “normal” behavior. (ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the gist)

Similar to why do so many people have a fear of clowns? There’s something familiar, but also something “off”. Something that’s close to what we expect, but still not quite it, is somehow more discomfiting than something completely unusual.


Oh another macabre Key West doll? I had only heard of Robert The Doll

I accept furries… I love the freedom that results form radically accepting all the weirdness that’s out there. It allows me to pretty damn weird as well. But this stop-motion life sized doll stuff crosses the uncanny Rubicon for me. I want for the weirdness of it to be playful. It is unbounded creativity and genius, after all, but I also hear, quietly, in the distance… “it potions the lotion on the skin! it puts the lotion on the skin, or it gets the hose again!”


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Yes, why would anyone have this fear?

Exactly. Behavior or attractions that aren’t quite “right” (of course by our particular cultural standards) are feared to some degree. If someone is willing to flaunt one rule of society, who’s to say that they’re not willing to break other parts of the social contract as well…


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Based on a recent podcast about clowns, part of the reason is that clowns were originally just a different form of comedian- and like most comedians, they were self-deprecating, mostly for an adult audience, and possible to relate to as people. The makeup and props were just a different flavor of comedy. It’s when clowns gained their for-kids-only, always-happy, squeaky-clean image around the 1950s that they began to get creepy, because suddenly they were these jolly, unrelatable, inhuman THINGS that liked to hang around children.

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