WATCH: Virgin Galactic spaceship new cabin design reveal

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Go all that way, at massive expense, to an environment of literally awe-inspiring beauty… and gaze at yourself in a mirror.

There’s a moral in there somewhere.


At 10:14 in this Quasi-video/live-feed there is an Icon display that intimates that Virgin Galactic is an evolutionary step-up from the Apollo Moon Lander.

I don’t think so.

More like a capitalist step-up from the X-15

Marketing/Advertising is the death of civilisation.


Did we really need a ten minute lead-in graphic on display for the first ten minutes of the video, letting us know that we had to watch ten minutes of a clock counting down ten minutes?

they totally stole that spaceship profile graphic from The Expanse program.

So how much of this was funded by the settlement Branson got when he sued the NHS?

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At about 19:50 into the video the design team explains that the very first thing they did when working on the design was to talk to their prospective customers about what kind of experience they wanted and expected.

You’ve got to hand it to them, they know their billionaire clientele very well.

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Skip ahead to 21:40 (!) for the actual “reveal”

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I personally watched every second of the count down… what a wander that was… Branson is asking for an economic bail out for his British airline and we are party to a cheep visualization of his space venture.

Go team Virgin!!


The countdown did not wander, it stuck wonderfully to its rigid, second by second, mission!

It was a cheap rendering, but I did not hear it go cheep.

(Sorry. Open goals. Pedant pendant in action.)

(PS, so you can probably tell us exactly what on earth was going on at 7:11, and 9:11, and 5.04… :wink: )

Q: How much will these new seats cost when you release them?

We have not disclosed that and we may be able to offer a range of prices, but we will initially be charging more than the US$250,000 price point offered to those who signed up early.

Well, that’s it. I would have totally signed up at $200,000, but this is just too dear for me.

I’d suggest that is going cheap diddley cheep :grin:


Virgin Galactic reveals giant mirror feature in cabin design for Beardy Branson’s space bus

For those who might be a bit stressed by being strapped to a bomb designed to carry them beyond the only atmosphere known to be breathable by humans, the plane also features a colour palette thoughtfully designed so that the “golden metallics resemble luminous desert sands, blues conjure celestial spaces and teals inspired by the ocean, ground travellers back to Earth.” Each seat is also fitted with screens that display flight data as well as cameras to record passengers’ experience.

Russia, meanwhile, has re-launched its space tourism program and even offered the first citizen spacewalk, but at a cost likely to vastly exceed the price of a Virgin Galactic ticket. And with worse decor, too.

Yep I’m dis lexis, but was giving it a shoat. thanks for the correction

Is it just me or does this shot have an “Aperture Laboratories” vibe to it? I feel like GLaDOS is going to make a disturbing cake-related announcement over the ship’s intercom any second.

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