Watch what happens when you shoot a bullet at a Newton's cradle desktop toy

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Haven’t watched SloMo Guys in a while, but that was really fun to watch! Glad to see they’re still at it, even if just sporadically.


Weird. I don’t normally follow that channel, but watched this yesterday. It was super cool!

Launching the steel ball at it and for a split second having that energy all transfer to the last ball, awesome.

Also, I should have expected, but did not, that the 9mm would fail so spectacularly.

Now I want it up-scaled. Do the same thing with a cradle were you have stronger line, and say 3" diameter balls. Shoot the smaller diameter ball at it first and work up to a ball the same size (I guess they would need a bigger air cannon.


Had a physics Prof go on for weeks on the notion that “conservation of momentum is the most fundamental law in the cosmos(!)” And while that’s a bit too much philosophy for me to reckon on, this video rather supports that. That is, momentum includes velocity, which includes the direction of the impulse, which that “bullet” has in abundance. So the fish-line suspending the Newton’s cradle balls couldn’t stretch enough to change that straight ahead vector. Neat video thankee!


Am I the only one frustrated they didn’t secure the base of the thing?


“Conserve this momentum, punk!”


“…and that’s why the shrapnel in my ass sets off the airport metal detectors…”


Yeah, with Gavin in Austin and Dan in England, it’s a bit difficult to get their schedules to line up, esp in these times.

The bullet did exactly what one might expect of a lead slug with a jacket of brass around it. (Hence the ‘full metal jacket’ or FMJ designation on the bullet type.)


Seriously cool stuff! I love things like this; oh, to have an opportunity to work on this sort of stuff. :sunglasses::ukraine:


Heh heh heh

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