WATCH: Woman who can bark like a dog uses her skill to surprise people


Not so easy being a dog, right? Respect is earned.

Incredibly convincing bark, if this is real.

Nice bark. Too bad the camera man is drunk.


Good fun, but with the cameras and people standing around it’s a bit too stagey.

I can mimic dog barks and howls, but I usually don’t because it’s really loud, I can’t quite do quiet ones. Whereas it can baffle people, the hilarious effect is that upon the dogs. I can bark out my window and have quite a few neighborhood dogs go bonkers. It also used to crack up my kid to see how the dogs reacted.

Man devises amazing strategy to tell the difference between serious articles and clickbait ads. /allcaps /bold /blinking /nevermind,noblinking …

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As much as I harsh on some BB titles, this post’s title straight up tells you what’s in the video. There is no UpWorthy “curiosity gap” click bait tease going on. For that you’d need something like “You won’t believe what dogs think of this woman’s special skill. The video will blow your mind.” Er, or something. Not my skill set…

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“Find out why men call this woman a bitch”?


Alternatively, it could have been titled “Busker trumpeter plays jazz while woman barks like a dog, man shakes cell phone,” if you trend towards the literal.


OK, so

Well, yes, OK. That was a little harsh.

Somtimes I call my hound with a little ‘ARROOOOO’ call, but nobody would mistake it for a hound baying. He seems to understand it better than shouting his name, though.

On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog. Wait…yes, they do.

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